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I'll be modest...

Hung Frat Boy's Used UnderwearWell, as you can see I finally have myself a web site to call my own. I know it may not be much yet, but I'm doing my best to get this thing going with the free time I have between educating and getting my fill of the social life I got going on here.


I'm HOT...


Hung Frat Boy's FeetSo what is new besides the web site? Well, I'm not as shy, as you will see by my new pictures that I'll be putting up on the site and some that I've already posted. This comes with banging enough chicks and seeing my share of butt ass naked guys to know that I have nothing to be ashamed of. Instead I got a good amount to show off and make some money off... Thanks for the big dick, Dad! :)


& I'm HUNG like a horse!!!


Master Hung Frat Boy's Male Financial DominationSo yeah, you will get a chance to see more of me than you have before, but things will come at a price....


More inside


Warning: HOT Adult Content!

This site contains explicit, sexually oriented materials. (ie: A Hot straight College Jock Boy known as Hung Frat Boy striped down naked and showing it all to thoses who can take the site of pure perfection!) It is to be viewed by Adults Only!....and perferably only those with cash to spare!


You must be 18 years of age or older to access this site. Misrepresenting your age in order to enter this web site from a location within the USA, or elsewhere, may be a violation of your national, state, local, and/or your federal laws. To access this site, you must agree to the following: I am an adult over the age of 18 years of age, and I agree that I will not allow any minor, as so defined in my jurisdiction, to view, write or read the contents of this web site. Further, I understand that this web site is devoted to various lifestyles relating to sex and sexual activity (most notably me, a young smoking Hot Str8 College Jock Boy. AKA, Hung Frat Boy) which MAY BE FOUND TO BE OFFENSIVE. If this web site is in violation of your National, Federal, State, or Local laws of the jurisdiction in which you are viewing this web site, you must now exit by clicking the Exit button. If you fail to exit and are determined to proceed, you now understand that you hereby certify, state and acknowledge to all, that you are familiar with the laws pertaining to the viewing of sexually explicit material in your community and jurisdiction and that you are of legal age to view this type of material and furthermore, that you agree to all the terms stated above. ONLY if you AGREE to these Terms and Conditions may you click on the "Enter" button or ANY other links (aside from the "Exit" link) displayed on this website.


No, This is not for me! I'm out of here!






Yes, I agree and I love to see Hot Hung College Jock Boys Naked! Oh boy do I!



Enter Hung Frat Boy


Speaking as the straight boy that I am.... No, you don't actually get to enter me! End of story!

Clicking on any of these links is explicit Acknowledgement and Agreement with Adult Content Warning above.

What is inside Hung Frat Boy?

A straight Hot College Jock Boy and...

Used Jock Straps, Briefs, Thongs & More: Here is the deal, I know you really want to bury your nose in my Jock Boy Crotch, but you can't! So the next best thing is to buy a pair of my Hot and Sweaty Used (Men's) Underwear that have been stretched out by my Hot n Hung, um .... ness. :) I sell Jocks (Jock Straps), Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Boxers & Thongs. Underwear I've worked in, worked out in, slept in, jacked off in and or on. :) I've done plenty of cum crusted undies and skid marks for dudes. All at a premium of course. Basically you name it, and I sell it! Available via Adult Auctions or Private Sales, like all my goods.

Jock's Used Sock & Shoes: Got a Foot Fetish? You know you do! Well, I'm what you have been waiting for. Where else can you find a Hot and Hung College Jock who is gonna let you buy his Frat boy rank Socks, Shoes (Trainers for some of you) and Flip Flops off of him? That was a rhetorical question by the way.

Men's Used Clothing: Aside from selling or auctioning off my Used Underwear and Used Socks & Shoes I sell all kinds of used clothing from Sweaty Used Wife Beaters and T-Shirts, Gym Shorts, Board Shorts (Swim Suits), Cargo Shorts, Jeans, Club Clothes and more. How would it feel to wake up in the morn and slip on some Used Clothing that you know were rubbing against my Tight Jock Body? Pretty damn good!!!

Gay Adult Auctions: Right so, aside from all the other Used crap I sell, I also sell of a lot of other crap via Gay Adult Auction sites or Private Auctions. I sell various used sex toys. I sell tasty Trojan Magnum Condoms.... I don't know, I guess I just sell a lot of stuff and a grip of Gay dudes dig it. I get cash and you get off. Win - Win, right!

Nude pix of Hung College Jock: A VERY popular area of my biz is all the Hung Frat Boy photos I sell, and I haven't really gotten started I think. I started out shy, but realized that I don't have much to hide. If anything I got a LOT of extra inches to show. So sit back relax unzip your pants and enjoy the show of Hot pictures! Pix include, obviously me naked cock n all, me in my used jocks (jock straps), used briefs, used thongs & g-strings, used boxer briefs, used boxers, sweaty t-shirts and wife beaters, used socks shoes & flipflops, used and abused jeans and gym shorts. But I also have or will have pix of me trying out sex toys, using condoms for cum collection, pissing and more!

Male Financial Domination: Got a financial fetish? So do I!!! It makes me so horny that I pop a load instantly when I'm showered with your cash, which I deserve more than you! So if you are a money slave, pay pet, fag ATM, or whatever you call yourself then you have found your Financial Master to Dominate you AND your wallet out of all your back Fag Taxes. Don’t worry sub, I accept credit cards so you can afford me!!!

Frat Pack: Stay informed with what I have new for sale and on my site based on only what you want to know about. A pretty cool feature that a lot of my regulars are using to know what is going on with their favorite Hung College Frat Boy.

I'm the Real Deal: I'm always surprised to see how many dudes waste their hard earned cash on Used Underwear and the likes that are OBVIOUSLY from dudes who are totally fake, or plain out ugly. Must be a fetish. Well, I know you guys are paying a premium for my goods and I ensure that I'm the Real Deal. So take a look and make sure your not blowing your money on a fake.

A chance to Contact Me: You know you wanna reach out and touch me. Ok, not the way. Hands off boys! This is just a place where you can get a hold of me with a question. But don't bug me, or I'll get pissed and ban you!

... and much more Hung Frat Boy Fun!!!